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Recently, there are many foreign tourists from the world, and especially in Osaka where our office locates are very popular among them because of shopping, gourmet, sightseeing. The most popular sightseeing spots next to Osaka and Kyoto, Nara which takes about one hour from Osaka CBD is also one of the most popular place, and in the area called “Naramachi (奈良町/ならまち) which has good old streetscape, there is NARAMACHI HOSTEL&RESTAURANT.

What's Naramachi?

Naramachi, in central Nara, is the tangle of narrow streets that makes up the merchant quarter of the city, and grew up during the Edo Period. Many of the buildings preserved as cafes, shops and museums are wooden machiya merchant homes, similar to those in Kyoto.

※ Quoted from the page, http://www.japanvisitor.com/japan-city-guides/naramachi


This hostel is unlike any other in the world. What is the unique point? This hostel was designated cultural property of Nara city. It was previously one of the biggest merchant house, and in particular this house “The Aota house” was built 160 years ago and had been making soy sauce. (In other words, it was one of the ordinary homes in Nara.) The house was renovated with following the strict rule which Japan agrees, and the Aota house was finally reborn as the one-of-a-kind hostel.

Good new ones
better than old ones

Due to 160-year-old facility, literally it is old. Some feel the change over the years negatively. We can agree “Good new ones better than old ones.”, however, that is IKI (smart or chic) in Japanese for me at least. Once we met the general manager Mr. Yoshida and talked, we think the origin of their view-point will lead to ours toward Antique kimono, Vintage kimono, and tea ceremony utensils (the way of tea). This is why we decided to collaborate with them somehow.

Fortunately, we SOU were linked by fate with Naramachi Hostel & Restaurant, and we shared our point of view related to the things we deal with, antique/vintage kimono and tea ceremony utensils, and the hostel originated from Designated Cultural Property of Nara city. We are very pleased to take this opportunity to deliver the fusion of the beauty of Japanese one-of-a-kind antique kimono in the one-and-only hostel, Designated Cultural Property.
Among thousands of our kimono collection, we chose two Uchikake kimono (See above)

What is Uchikake? Uchikake is one of Japanese bridal costume, and it was originally worn be women of nobility for formal occasions. Today, it became one of the most popular Japanese traditional wedding dress. It is a robe worn on kakeshita kimono, and is fastened with the kakeshita obi. It has a padding called “fuki” at the hem and is worn without making Ohashori (folded part to adjust length of kimono) as same as kakeshita.

How gorgeous they are! (When we displayed them in the lobby, such an outstanding appearance fascinated us very much.) We allowed the guests to photograph them and/or touch them directly. Honestly, it is never said “reasonable item” to buy in general, but we hope everyone can feels their elegance and splendor through the senses.

Here is our Uchikake collection

We really hope this event will attract the people from the world in some way and leave the fascination of Japanese kimono consequently Japanese culture to posterity.

Once again, we really appreciate Mr. Yoshida, the general manager and all the staff in NARAMACHI HOSTEL & RESTAURANT. Also, thank you very much for visiting there during the event.